in a house

In a house not only find “newcomers” because in most cases can have the origin in the old owners and even the same land, an example could be: A battlefield in times of war, which is now an estate.

Also the love-hate relationship of the previous tenants and even what they could have “done” in the house.

Possible events:
  • You are not comfortable in the house, you want to leave and when you leave you feel better.
  • You feel trapped inside; it seems you cannot get out.
  • You feel lack of air and you cannot breathe well.
  • Sometimes there is a bad smell even everything is clean.
  • You experience occasional chills certain places of the house or occasionally.
  • Some things move or are no longer where you left them.
  • Electrical appliances switch on or off alone.
  • Noise and inexplicable noises are heard.
  • Fear of being alone in the house and you prefer to be accompanied.
  • Headaches or general discomfort, only when you are at home.
  • You cannot sleep more than 4 or 5 hours or you wake up without reason several times.
  • You feel that there is “something” that you cannot see.
  • You have seen some shadow or presence.
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