Develop your paranormal skills

Every day more and more people request our services, including our courses to develop your paranormal abilities. We all have intuitions, dreams and the certainty of knowing “things” but when you try to develop them, it is difficult to find where.

In our courses you learn by practicing, in groups or individually, it is important to clarify that
we do NOT use rituals, symbols, candles or herbs.

Most people, have some paranormal ability however small ans can always be developed, the only impediment to it is you.

  • Introduction to the paranormal world.
  • What are your abilities to develop?
  • Understand the paranormal.
  • Discover what you are capable of.
  • How to manage your intuition.
  • Discover the real in a person or place.
  • How to deal with paranormal situations.
  • Eliminate the fear of the unknown
  • Develop paranormal ability at a higher level.
  • Learn to let go of everything negative for yourself.
  • How to help your loved ones and close friends.
  • Discover the reality we live and how.
  • More and more people are requesting our services in all parts of Spain and more and more we need more professionals who want to dedicate themselves to working with us.
  • In the professional course you will learn everything necessary to be able to work solving paranormal problems.
  • This course is very special so not all candidates will be able to do it.
For any request of information regarding the courses you can contact us in the course department: